Peggy Garrity began her life as a small-town Irish Catholic girl in the Midwest. Initially convent-bound, she became determined to escape a life like her mother’s, and in the mid-1970s she reinvented herself as a high-profile Los Angeles trial lawyer and single mother of four. At a time when there were virtually no women solo practitioners, she represented David against Goliath―and risked it all in the process.

Her first of many high-profile cases was representing convicted and imprisoned would-be presidential assassin Sara Jane Moore, whose collect calls during breakfast were often answered by Garrity’s five-year-old Erin.

Over the years Garrity won multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements against IBM, Southern Pacific Railroad, the Getty Museum, Warner Brothers and Clint Eastwood, and many others. Her cases are featured on 60 Minutes, in the Wall Street Journal, on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Magazine, and in People Magazine as well as other domestic and European publications.

She is a recogonized trailblazer who has handled a great variety of cases in her over 30 year career including real estate, business transactions, contracts, civil rights, family law, elder law, employment and more. She is a powerful advocate for her clients from beginning to end, and works aggresively to resolve cases before trial; and, if that is impossible, the courtroom is her turf.

Peggy is also a certified mediator. The LA Times published her op-ed about the Halliburton rape cases, “About that Day In Court,” in 2008. Garrity is a doting grandmother of six.

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