Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton “was schlonged” by President Obama when she lost to him in 2008. He screams to his rabid followers that he wants to “hit Hillary hard,” “lock her up,” and suggests “the Second Amendment people” stop her (by assassination?) from being able to “pick her judges”. Trump proudly stands by one of his “advisers” who says Hillary Clinton “should be shot for treason.” Meanwhile, it is well known that more than half of women murdered with guns in the U.S. are victims of domestic violence.

Humiliated by his loss in the first debate of the general election, an enraged Trump shouted at a rally the next day,”We’re going to get rid of that crooked woman.” The violent imagery and rhetoric hurled at Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump is disturbingly familiar to anyone who has experience in the area of domestic violence.As a trial lawyer I litigated hundreds of such cases. His language is classic for a domestic abuser and this one seems to be calling for reinforcements. His fans oblige.

Trump followers wear t-shirts and signs saying, “Life’s a bitch—don’t vote for one,” “Trump that bitch!” and “Take the bitch down!”
Donald Trump is now being prepared for the next debate by Roger Ailes who was just driven from his perch atop Fox News for sexual harassment of anchor Gretchen Carlson and other women employees of FOX. Trump and Ailes, whose very brands are the marketing, objectifying, and abuse of women, have ganged up against Clinton with a man actually charged with domestic violence and interfering with a witness. Steve Bannon, former head of the conspiracy driven extreme right -wing and now CEO of the Trump campaign, escaped trial for felony domestic violence and interfering with a witness only because his victim/wife failed to appear at trial.

Trump once said in a radio interview with Howard Stern, “Women, ya gotta treat ‘em like shit.” And he does and always has. He flaunts his ownership of the Miss Universe Pageant that has women prancing around in stilettos and bikinis, as well as a model agency that reportedly imports and exploits young immigrant girls. Years ago,he publicly humiliated Miss Universe, an 18 year old from Venezuela, for gaining weight by marching her in front of news cameras as he forced her to “work out.” He called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping.” When Hillary Clinton challenged him on this evidence of misogyny, racism, and cruelty, Trump, as usual, made himself out to be the victim of an “unfair” attack. He insisted his actions against the young woman were “entirely appropriate” and then he added on further insults.
When cornered during a Republican debate by moderator Megyn Kelly regarding his statements about women being “pigs, dogs, fat slobs,” an enraged Trump hit back by dismissing her challenge to him as hormonal, saying she had “blood coming out of her wherever,” and followed that by calling her “a bimbo.” Then, in classic abuser mode, he made himself out to be the victim, whining that Kelly was “unfair” as he chickened out of another scheduled debate where she was to moderate.

In the recent Commander In Chief Forum, Trump affirmed his earlier tweeted opinion about the high incidence of rape in the military as follows: “What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?” In other words, rape is a workplace hazard for women who serve in our military and so, logically, a woman should not be commander in chief. Trump’s new female campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway agrees, having stated, “If we were as strong as men…rape would not exist.” Conway previously represented Todd “legitimate rape” Akin.
Trump might know a thing or two about rape. Ivana, Trump’s first wife, accused him under oath in deposition of violently raping her as punishment for referring him to a scalp plastic surgeon whose work he found wanting.

This spectacle makes me recall the 1991 public humiliation and denigration of Anita Hill, testifying under subpoena in the confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, that he had sexually harassed her on the job at EEOC. This abuser too responded by making himself the victim, calling the hearings “a high-tech lynching of an uppity black.” Hill, a mere witness, not even in competition with Thomas, was ostracized and dismissed as “ a nut and a slut.”
Today we have a arguably the most highly qualified person ever to seek the presidency of this country,and the first woman. The response of her opponent is to scream gender based hatred in the familiar vernacular of the domestic abuser to his riled up rallies, tacitly encouraging them to take action against her on his behalf. This man must be stopped.