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Admitted to the California State Bar in 1975—when less than 3 percent of lawyers were women—Peggy Garrity refuses to choose between family and profession, and succeeds at both beyond anything she could have imagined.

Peggy Garrity began her life as a small-town Irish Catholic girl in the Midwest. Initially convent-bound, she became determined to escape a life like her mother’s, and in the mid-1970s she reinvented herself as a high-profile Los Angeles trial lawyer and single mother of four. At a time when there were virtually no women solo practitioners, she represented David against Goliath—and risked it all in the process.

Including compelling courtroom dramas featuring would-be presidential assassin Sara Jane Moore, celebrities Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, and Cheryl Tiegs, and some of Los Angeles’s most notorious murder cases, In The Game is the groundbreaking story of a thrill-seeking solo trial lawyer—and single mother—who beat the odds at a time when working mothers, especially those in male-dominated professions like the law, faced the gauntlet of discrimination.

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Praise for In the Game: The Highs and Lows of a Trailblazing Trial Lawyer

When Peggy Garrity began her career, fewer than 3 percent of lawyers were women, and fewer than 1 percent of lawyers were brilliant―and she was in both categories. A single mother, and a singular force in the courtroom, Garrity litigated cases with one would-be assassin, several murderers, many movie stars, and far too many domestic violence perpetrators. In the Game tells her stories the way Garrity does everything: compellingly.
Gavin de Becker, best-selling author of The Gift of Fear
You won’t be able to put this fast-paced memoir down. Garrity has you hooked by the first page with her exploits as one of the few female litigators in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Her humor and searing honesty reveals what it takes to stay In The Game in a legal system that underestimates women with a resolve like Garrity’s. A brilliant read.
Maureen Murdock, author of The Heroine’s Journey
In the Game will shed light on the injustices of the justice system and the ways a strong, determined trial lawyer can make a difference in her client’s life. When I first met Peggy Garrity, I was a broken woman fighting to protect my severely autistic child. Where other attorneys saw only obstacles and endless litigation, Peggy found opportunities and even showed me I could laugh again. To this day if she told me to ‘do cartwheels in the courthouse hallway,’ I would. Peggy Garrity saved our lives.
Elaine Hall, author, Now I See the Moon: a Mother, A Son, and the Miracle of Autism, star of the Emmy–award winning HBO documentary Autism: The Musical
In the Game offers an insight into a high stakes legal world and a lawyer who fought in the trenches.
Geri Spieler, author of Taking Aim At The President
If you think that courtroom trials are dull and boring, you haven’t experienced the epee-like skills of Peggy Garrity, acting as a powerful legal advocate for her clients! In covering hundreds of trials, I have seen the many degrees of lawyering and legal wrangling, and Ms. Garrity is one of the best. In the Game is a great read, and a great ride . . . with a look into the many facets of a well-lived life and career.
Mona Shafer Edwards, Courtroom Illustrator and author of Captured: Inside the World of Celebrity Trials
Peggy Garrity is a force of nature, one that has defied expectations her entire life. While she may best be known for single-handedly winning the toughest headline-grabbing cases against all odds, her real mark may well be in shredding all the stereotypes we have of lawyers as uncaring and manipulative mercenaries. Her story, In The Game, is a funny, and exceptional chronicle of how one brilliant woman, driven by an unerring drive for truth, can and does fight for and win at both law and life.
Rod Stryker, author of The Four Desires and founder of Parayoga
In the Game is the riveting memoir of a trailblazing woman who blasted down the locked doors that had effectively shut women out of the practice of law since the writing of the Ten Commandments. Her strength, her spirit, and her brilliance shine through these pages and show how it took all of that to overcome the enormous obstacles put in her way.
Marcia Clark, author of crime novel Blood Defense and former O.J. Simpson prosecutor