The Witch Burning
Hillary Clinton was, in essence, burned at the stake for daring to seek the presidency of the United States of America. Her further affront was to put women’s issues, civil rights, and the hopes and dreams of little girls, at the forefront of her campaign.
For theses great crimes she was first subjected to an orchestrated, grotesque, and vicious lashing, and pilloried with lies and innuendo manufactured by an enraged right wing that had hounded her for thirty years. That didn’t stop her. Instead, she rose to United States Senator and then to Secretary of State in the cabinet of the first African American president of this country. As her international stature grew, they fumed. She visited more countries than any previous Secretary of State, and successfully negotiated, among other things, an arms treaty to contain the nuclear ambitions of Iran.
So Congressional Committees chaired by angry white Republican men dragged her before them for interrogation. They failed very publicly as she outsmarted them at every turn. Eleven uninterrupted hours of public shaming didn’t kill her. It, instead, made them look like fools and infuriated them even more. She had beaten them again. They called in their spear -carriers, the American mainstream press.
Tinder made up of slander and shame was dutifully spread and piled up by a celebrity smitten press corps who looked the other way as Russian espionage added fuel for the fire. Evidence of treason and foreign interference in American elections was tossed aside as Clinton was pursued. She would not get away this time, even if it took the armies of two countries and a spy network.
Pouncing as if on cue, James Comey and the angry white men of his FBI, in tacit approval of the interference of Russia in our election, tossed the match onto Clinton’s cheeky lifetime of ambition and achievement. Now tied to the stake with her hands bound tightly behind her back, surrounded by men screaming for her destruction, the flames swiftly swirled around her.
Finally, she was consumed in a conflagration that also torched her life’s work for civil rights in full view of a watching world.
The message was clear even to kindergarteners. “This is what happens to girls who challenge the old order where powerful white men rule. ” Apparently, if necessary, those white men might include Russians.

“See. Girls can’t be president!” a little boy announced to my five-year-old granddaughter on the first day of school following the election.